The “TOFLY” Program Cedar Rapids

You will be contacted for setting up your flying schedule by the instructor after being accepted for the course. Sign up for the course through the Learning Management System.

  • Privat Pilot Ground School
  • Manager's Approval

How to sign up for TOFLY:
  1. From the RWEB, click on Rockwell Collins University
  2. Click on the , LMS TAB
  3. Search for TOFLY

  4. Follow the links to sign up.


This course has been designed to provide basic cockpit familiarity and
is not geared toward preparing you to pass the FAA Private Pilot written
exam or flight check. Therefore, any basic Ground School course will be
sufficient to allow you to benefit from the flying portion. The Flight
Instruction (FI) consists of 12 hours flying the airplane and 8 hours
observing your flying partner fly the airplane. You will need to be
available for 8-10 consecutive half-days once you start the flight
instruction. NOTE: the weather may affect the flight traiing schedule.

The prerequisite to participate in TOFLY is a Ground School Course. Please contact Frank Gutierrez x53212 for the Aardvark Aeronautics Ground School schedule. Once you have completed Ground School, please add your name to the TOFLY waitlist via LMS (Lerning Managment System). The TOFLY instructor will contact the student to schedule a session.

This program is not designed to make a pilot out of you but rather to
help you better understand the cockpit environment and work loads so
that you can design and build more useful and user friendly instruments.

By participating in this course, you should be able to:
  • Takeoff, Operate the avionics,
  • Fly the airplane,
  • Land Yourself.
TOFLY Topics / Outlines Basic cockpit familiarity
    - Controls and Indicators
    - Engine Instruments
    - Flight Controls Insight into Pilot workload -Ground Operations and Taxi
    - Rado Communications -Takeoff, climb and Enroute -Descent and Landing

Insight into Pilot workload
    - Ground Operations and Taxi
    - Rado Communications
    - Takeoff, climb and Enroute
    - Descent and Landing

Navigation Sensor Operation
    - Instrument Approaches
    - Precision
    - Nonprecision

The Flight Instruction consists of:
First, the participant will attend a three-hour flight orientation
session. During the orientation session, the TOFLY instructor will
schedule flight training sessions with the participant. Based on the
weather, the flight training sessions are subject to change. Therefore,
the flight training sessions will not be listed in the LMS, only the
flight orientation session.

Location of Orientation Session:

Iowa Flight Training (Former PS Air Building)
3435 Beech Way SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


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