Note: Changes to scheduled events will be reflected on this page and will be higlighted in red. Please make corrections to your syllabus if needed. (15 March No Class)

March 2016

  1 - Mar    Aerodynamics - How the plane flies, turns and crashes.

  8 - Mar    Airframes And Powerplants - Engines and Systems.

19 - Mar   Aviation Physiology & Flight Instruments.

22 - Mar   Saturday morning Tour of the Marion Airport (Plane in Hanger)….etc

29 - Mar   Weight & Balance, Performance, Emergencies , Night

April 2016

  5 - Apr   Weather - The atmosphere and how it works.

12 - Apr  Weather Charts - Do it yourself forcasting and how to read aviation reports and                    Federal Regulations and the Airmans information Manual.

19 - Apr   Basic Navigation - Bring your E6-B, Plotter and Sectional Chart.

26 - Apr  Radio Navigation - VOR, ADF, ILS and other meningfull acronyms BRING
                   NAV GEAR & HOMEWORK

May 2016

  3 - May   Federal Aviation Regulations

10 - May   The operation of the Control Tower, Radar Apch Control and
                     Air Traffic Control

18 - May   Comprehensive Exam

24 - May   Test Review (Optional) This is a review of the most commonly missed questions. A second take home test will be given to those interestred in studying for the FAA exam.

All meetings are in the 106 Cafeteria Auditorium room.

Frank Gutierrez, (319) 295-3212

Next Private Pilot Ground School starts September 6, 2016

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