The following is a list of items that will be covered in the Private Pilot ground school.

Private Pilot Course

This course is a prerequisite for the To Fly program.

The following syllabus is available as a pdf. Click on the links to see the schedule and handouts for each class.

    Spring Mar - May 2018
    Fall Sep - Nov 2018






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 1.) Airplanes and Aerodynamics
          Principles of Flight
          Four Forces of Flight
          Aerodynamics of Maneuvering Flight

 2.) Airframe, Engines & Systems
          How airplanes are built
          Piston and Gas Turbine Engines
          Carburetors, Throttle bodies & Fuel
          Engine Systems
          Fixed pitch, Constant speed,
          and Feathering propellers
          Electrical Systems

 3.) Flight Instruments &
       Aviation Physiology

          Magnetic Compass & Turning Errors
          Pitot-Static System
          Pressure Instruments
          Gyroscopic Instruments
          Aero medical Factors

 4.) Tour of the Marion Airport
          Close up look at different airplanes
          Preflight a Cessna-150 or 172

 5.) Weight & Balance, Performance
          Weight and Balance
          Predicting Performance

 6.) Aviation Weather
          The atmosphere and how it works
          Weather Factors
          Weather Hazards
 7.) Aviation Weather Services
      Printed Reports and Forecast
      Graphic Weather Products and

 8.) Basic Navigation
     Flight Planning and Decision Making
          Aeronautical Charts
          Pilotage and Dead Reckoning
          Flight Computers
          Sources of Flight Information
          Planning and Organizing Flights
          Factors Affecting Decision Making

 9.) Radio Navigation
          VHF Omni directional Range
          Automatic Direction Finder
          Advanced Navigation

 10.) Title 14 of the Code of
       Federal Regulations (14 CFR)
          FAR Part 1
          FAR Part 61
          FAR Part 91
          NTSB Part 830
          Aeronautical Information Manual

 11.) Air Traffic Control

         Control Tower & Radar Facilities

 12.) Test

 13.) Test Review

     Books and Materials with the Course:

                   FAA-H-8083-25 Pilots Handbook of
                   Aeronautical Knowledge
                   FAR/AIM (current year)
                   Chicago Sectional Chart (current issue)
                   E6-B Nav Calculator

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