2017 Private Pilot Class
Sep 12 - Dec 12

2018 Instrument Pilot Class
Jan 11 - Mar 29


Nov 21, 2017

Basic Nav & Radio Nav
Bring: E6-B, Plotter, & Sec. Chart

6:00PM to 9:00PM
106 N/S Cafeteria Conference Room

The Remaiining Schedule:

  • Nov 21 Basic NAV & Radio NAV
  • Nov 28 FAR/AIM & Air Traffic Control System
  • Dec 5 Test
  • Dec 12 Certificates handed out and Test review (approximately 1 Hour)

It's time to sign up for the private pilot ground school beginning March 6th 2018. Send an email to Frank Gutierrez with your mail stop and work phone number. Spouses and children 14 and up can also take the class. All class materials are provided in the price of the class.You can't get a better deal anywhere. See the FAQ's page for more details.

Jan 11, 2018

Airplane Instruments

6:00PM to 9:00PM
106 N/S Cafeteria Conference Room

Airplane Instruments
Attitude Instrument Flying and Aerodynamics
Navigation Systems
FAA and ICAO Regulations
Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace
Holding and Instrument Approaches
Aeromedical Factors
Aviation Weather
Aviation Weather Services
IFR En Route
IFR Flights

Private Pilot Ground School Syllabus
Fall 2017 Sep 12 - Dec 12

Spring 2018 Mar 6 - May 22

Sign up now for the Spring Class!

Sign up for the next Instrument Pilot
ground school Winter 2018.

Instrument Pilot Ground School Syllabus
Winter 2018 Jan 11 - Mar 29

To sign up for the instrument class we require that you have completed the private pilot ground school or hold a private pilot certificate.

For more information or sign up for classes, contact Frank Gutierrez.
franklin.gutierrez@rockwellcollins.com 319.295.3212

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