The following is a list of items that will be covered
   in the instrument ground school.

 1.) Principles of Instrument Flight &
       Aero-medical Factors
           Flight Instrument Systems
           Attitude Instrument Flying and
           Instrument Navigation Systems

 2.) IFR Flight Environment &
      Federal Aviation Regulations
           Air Traffic Control Systems
           ATC Clearances
           Airports, Airspace, and Flight Information

 3.) Charts for Instrument Flight
           Instrument Approach Charts
           Enroute and Area Charts
           Departure and Arrival Charts

 4.) Instrument Approaches
          ILS Approaches
          VOR Approaches
          NDB Approaches
          GPS Approaches

 5.) IFR Operational Considerations
          Enroute Operations
          Arrivals and Approaches

 6.) Meteorology

         Weather Factors
         Weather Hazards
         Printed Reports and Forecast
         Graphic Weather Products and Services
         High-Altitude Considerations

 7.) Airplane Performance Review
         Predicting Airplane Performance
         Controlling Weight and Balance

 8.) Advanced Airplane Systems
          Fuel Injection
         High-Performance Powerplants
         Environmental and Ice Control Systems
         Retractable Landing Gear

 9.) IFR Flight Operations
        IFR Flight Planning
        IFR Emergency Procedures
        IFR Decision Making and Flight

  10.) Test

 11.) Test Review

Instrument Pilot Course 

This course is a natural follow on to the Private Pilot ground school.  It is designed to teach the important steps in radio navigation and instrument procedures.

A syllabus is not currently available as a pdf.  We will announce the next class availability based on student interest.

    Spring 2016 Mar 3 - May26



Click on the Class Sign-Up link to get on the list for the upcoming classes. They fill up really fast so sign up now.

Be sure to check with your manager prior to taking the class.


                                                                        Books and Materials with the Course:
                                                                                         FAA-H-8083-15A Instrument Flying Handbook
                                                                                         FAR/AIM (current year)
                                                                                         Enroute Low Altitude Chart(current cycle)
                                                                                         U.S. Terminal Procedures Publication (current cycle)

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