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March 2016

 3 - Mar   Airplane Instruments Basic Instrument Flight Maneuvers.

10 - Mar  Attitude Instrument Flying, Aerodynamics and Navigation Systems.

24 - Mar   Federal Aviation Regulations.

31 - Mar    Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace.

April 2016

  7 - Apr    Holding and Instrument Approaches part 1.

14 - Apr    Holding and Instrument Approaches part 2.

21 - Apr    IFR En Route, IFR Flight (X/C Navigation Stuff).

28 - Apr    Aeromedical / Human Factors

May 2016

  5 - May   Aviation Weather.

12 - May   Aviation Weather Services

19 - May   The Test Everything

26 - May    Test Review (Optional) This is a review of the most commonly missed questions.

* Weather and Weather Services is covered in the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (FAAH-8083-15A). It is not included in the Instrument Flying Handbook but remains a testable subject.

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