Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I get the latest information about Aardvark Aronautics ground school?
A. Information can be found on the Aardvark Aronautics web site

Q. How do I sign up for Ground School
A. Send an email to Frank Gutierrez

Q. What is cost of the class?
A. The class is $160.00 the first night of class (cash, credit card or checks made out to Aardvark Aeronautics). Tuition reimbursements are made through Rockwell Collins University. Your Aardvark Aeronautics receipt and end of course certificate is required.

Q. Where does the class meet and when? 

A. 6:00PM to 9:00PM in the 106 N-S Cafeteria Conference Room.

Q. Who can attend?
A. Employees, Contractors, Spouses and spouselings. (Non-U.S. citizen requires special access approval via the Access Control Plan (ACP))

Q. Do I need Managers Approval?
A. Yes, per the tuition reimbursement procedure Manager Approval is required. Please refer to RC-HRS-P-021 for more details. After receiving your Manager's approval and prior to attending the first training session, you will need to complete the appropriate electronic form through the tuition reimbursement online tool located within Rockwell Collins University.

Q. How Does Reimbursement Work?
A. Ground School and Flight Training (Private & Instrument Rating) cost are reimbursed through the Educational Assistance Program Policy HRS P-021 . Review this if you are not familiar with the program. You can also contact the HR Service Center. You must be authorized tuition assistance prior to taking the ground school. Search for Private or Instrument Pilot then select Aardvark Aeronautics. Please note that in order to participate in Flight Training (Private & Instrument Rating) you must have prior approval. Not many receive approval of Flight Training. It must tie closely to your current job responsibilities. To apply for ground school reimbursement at the end of the class you must have a copy of your Aardvark payment receipt and ground school completion certificate.

Q. What if I miss the first night?
A. We usually hold the first class again a week later on a Thursday. An understanding of basic aerodynamics is fundamental to the rest of the class instruction.

Q. Is this class required to become a private pilot?
A. Yes and No….. You need to log a certain amount of ground instruction but it doesn’t have to be in a formal class room. It can be one on one with your flight instructor. The certificate you get from Aardvark Aeronautics ground school (after taking our end of course exam) is used for authorization to take the FAA private pilot written knowledge test. You won’t get this quality of instruction anywhere else for the price.

Q. What if I can’t make all the classes due to work requirements, travel, etc.?
A. No worries. Try to make all the ones you can. You paid for the course so come back next time and sit in on the ones you missed.

Q. How is the class graded?
A. This is not a college credit course although you can get signed off to take the FAA knowledge test by completing the Aardvark Aero end of course exam. The class is easy going and, although the information will come fast (along with lots of flying jokes and real life stories); there are no homework requirements however Basic Navigation will have a take home practice exercise. The goal is for you to learn without the usual stress of a college class.....

Q. How do you handle unscheduled changes in class schedule?
A. We send out an email and update the web site for any schedule changes due to weather or travel.

Q. When and where are the classes held?
A. Classes are held in the 106 north/south conference rooms, from 6 to 9 pm, for 12 weeks on Tuesdays. If you are arriving from outside the C Avenue complex, park by building 105 south west parking lot entrance. The only one with an afterhours security person.