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Aardvark Aeronautics was started, in 1982, by two Collins employees who were dissatisfied with the level of Ground School instruction available in the Cedar Rapids area.  At the same time, it was recognized that many Collins employees, because of their close working relationship with aircraft manufacturers and users, wanted to know more about airplanes; how they work, their systems, and the environment in which they operate. Consequently, Aardvark's Ground School course embodies all of the information needed by fledging pilots to complete the FAA's Private Pilot and instrument written exams, as well as a wide range of information of interest to Collins employees who do not foresee a pilot's license in their future. Be warned, however. Aviation is highly exciting and many of the over 4,000 students of the Ground School have found themselves taking flying lessons and acquiring pilot's certificates.

Instructor Staff:

Frank Gutierrez is a long time Air Force veteran. Frank worked as a Flight Test Engineer and has time on single and multi-jet and reciprocating engine aircraft.  Frank has flown 28 different types of aircraft of all sizes.  Frank holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with multi engine and single engine aircraft endorsments. Frank is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for Single and Multiengine Instrument Airplane and is a Certified Advanced Ground Instructor for Private through ATP and Instrument and currently teaches at the Marion Iowa airport through P&N. Frank is a major in the Iowa Wing USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol and volunteers as a flight instructor check airman and search and rescue pilot.

Note: I am now working with Bountiful Flight in Utah as of 11 June 2018.

For information about ground schools or flight instruction, contact:

fsgutier@gmail.com 319.651.7120








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